Window AC Vs Split AC- Which One Should You Purchase?

Winter is preparing for its departure. The slowly rising heat is calling out for summer already.

Before the time to shift from heater to coolers and air conditioners already arrives, we should prepare our houses and cooling tech for it.

Since it’s still the off-season, it would be better to look for ACs at a discount. If you want to get your AC for the summer, then you should start searching for it now. Because when the season hits, the prices are going to skyrocket.

Grab your gears to know things like window ac vs split ac energy consumption.

And for those who are thinking about buying a new AC; read on to know more about it.

How Split AC and Window AC Are Different?

A split and window AC is installed based on several factors and not just what you think suits the best for you.

Following are some of the basic differences between split and window AC:

Window ac vs. split ac

Parameters of difference Window AC Split AC
Cost Cheaper Expensive
Components in One unit Multiple units
Power Fluctuating DC Constant DC
Capacity Low High

These are the major differences for window vs split ac.

Availability of Space

This is one of the major factors in the installation of ACs in a room.

Window ACs need a window that can fit a single unit in such a way that it leaves no gap around it. Otherwise, the room will take longer to cool. Resulting in more power consumption.

Whereas, split Acs should not be installed in rooms with a low roof.

Ease of Installation

Window acs are easier to install, whereas, installing a split AC needs to be done by a skilled person. You need to get your walls drilled to get a split ac installed. Whereas for window ac, you need to get the window grill removed. Some people also get a protective grill installed around their window acs to avoid any theft issues.

Noise Level

A window AC has a noise range between 45 to 60 DB, while a split ac has less than 38 DB. This means that a window ac creates more noise than a split ac.

Appearance & Design

Since window acs are out of the room for the majority, they don’t affect the appearance of the room. However, their design isn’t always complimenting. Whereas, split acs come in different styles and designs and compliments the interior of a room.

Power Consumption

Power Consumption depends upon the star rating of the ACS. The more stars, the less they consume power. However, between split ac vs window ac power consumption, split consumes more.

Cooling Efficiency

Split Acs are generally used for larger spaces to cool in comparison to the use of window Acs. That’s why when it comes to window ac vs split ac cooling, split ACs win.

Simply because its purpose is to provide a higher cooling capacity of ac.

Ease of Maintenance

Since window Acs are more exposed, it is easy to say that they require more maintenance. That’s a straightforward argument for window ac vs split ac maintenance.


Granted all the points mentioned above, split ac seems to have more advantages over the window.

But if you don’t have the problem of power consumption, Ac window might seem better. In this case, it’s on you to decide between window ac vs split ac which is better.


The major disadvantage between split and window ac comes down to the price and space available. Other factors are pretty much manageable.


Split Ac is majorly used for large spaces like offices. Some of them are also environment-friendly and weather adjustable. Given so many functions, they are obviously more costly. You can do market research on window ac vs split ac price.


Even with a lot of advantages of split Ac, the market has always witnessed higher sales in Window Ac. Simply because they were the first that came into the market and the majority of middle-class prefer them over split Ac. The price is not something that can be easily affordable by everyone. Another factor could be that, split Acs require some changes in the interior and people who live in rental houses cannot get them installed.

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